A lot of hours of sketching and even more hours of brainstorming; our wraps are designed for you by hand. With a piece of paper and a pencil, because we believe that that's the way to go. We are very pleased with our current designs, yet always trying to renew and take our patterns to the next level. Our wraps are designed and made in the Netherlands, with production partners in other European countries.

We carry our precious, you carry yours. In our belief carrying your child must always be safe, which is why all of our wraps are made with cotton that meets all the conditions and requirements of the Öko-Tex 100-norm. We hear you thinking, what is Öko-Tex? Öko-Tex is world's leading ecolabel company responsible for testing textiles on harmful substances. The yarn we used is a 100% safe! 

Want to learn more? Go to this link where you can read it all!

Besides the all Cotton wraps we now also make beautiful Linen/Cotton blends. This 300 gr/m2 (pre-wash) - 48%/52% Linen/Combed-Cotton blend is suitable for all and surprisingly smooshy. 

We recently where proud to introduce our newest blend, the 344 gr/m2 (pre-wash) Cotton, Silk, Babycamel Echo baby slings. 

How to wash
A Vesper Wrap is finished when you receive it. Our weaver washes so each wrap is ready to go. A quick up and a few pictures won't hurt your wrap, but we do advice to wash your wrap before you go all in and take long walks with it (or clean your whole house, you busy little bee! ;) ). Washing the wrap sets in the fibers and will bring your wrap in optimal condition, so it will almost start wrapping itself when you're done! 

How to carry safely
We explain how to carry safely in How to carry.